Summary for Clementine Wang

We are very lucky to have such a responsible and respectful student living with us. Clemetine’s parents should be proud of her accomplishments. I know it is not easy for Clementine to be away from her family however she is doing very well and is maintaining an excellent academic record. Next week, Jeff and I will be attending an awards ceremony in which Clementine will be honored with an award for her high academic average and exemplary class participation. We plan on taking Clementine out for a celebratory dinner afterwards.

At home, Clementine is a quiet member of our family. She chooses to do her own laundry. I offered to do it for her however, she prefers to do it on her own. Clementine also keeps her room very clean and tidy. She follows all the household rules and always has a smile on her face. She is extremely polite. Clementine also has a fondness for animals. She is very patient and shows kindness towards our family cat.

As a family, we like to spend time by going out to restaurants. We celebrate birthdays and holidays. Clementine was very engaged with her schoolwork during her birthday and unfortunately was unable to go out to dinner with us. We commend her dedication to her studies.

I am very happy to say that Clementine and Cassie get along very well. I encourage their friendship and I am very happy that they do spend time together and socialize with each other.

Clementine has expressed that she wants to stay with us for her senior year and we are so happy.