Summary for Cassie Cao

We are very lucky to have such a responsible and respectful student living with us. Cassie’s parents should be proud of her accomplishments. I know it is not easy for Cassie to be away from her family however she is doing well. She is extremely social and has many friends that she socializes with.

At home, Cassie is a social member of our family. She likes to spend most of her time with her friends. Cassie tries to keep her room clean, however she needs assistance in that area. Sometimes I help her clean her room and I am happy to assist. She follows all the household rules and always has a smile on her face. She is extremely polite. Cassie also has a fondness for animals. She is very patient and shows kindness towards our family cat. She likes to keep our cat, Whiskey in her room at times.

As a family, we like to spend time by going out to restaurants. We celebrate birthdays and holidays. For Cassie’s birthday, we had a barbecue to celebrate.

I am very happy to say that Cassie and Clementine get along very well. I encourage their friendship and I am very happy that they do spend time together and socialize with each other.

We are delighted that Cassie has been accepted to Rutgers College and we wish her all the best. We will miss her.