Summary of McAleney

We’ve been so busy. Spring cleaning, test for the kids , planting the garden. The kids helped pack up or new deep freezer and got tons of vegetables and snacks. They are so excited. We haven’t taken much photos lately since it’s been about midterm test and getting him through allergy season which I gave him local honey and he was just fine. He had a growth spurt and put in some weight.
Brendan and Peiang act as if they are brothers. I often find them hanging out in the family room on the sofa eating snacks watching a movie or just chatting in the living room or in each other’s room. As I type this I can hear them laughing with each other and goofing around.
He does his chores, keeps his room clean , wakes up for school on time and has the family sense of humor. He is hilarious.
Right now all is quiet it’s sunny outside and we are preparing for a videographer game tournament mom and dad vs the kids tonight. The menu will have popcorn , ice cream and French fries. Once a month we stop everything and just focus on the kids on a Saturday and we make sure that everything is ok. We don’t always “ talk “ we text if we feel he can’t or may not want to say something in person. We never want to embarrass his as a young man. We also are gonna make our own family salsa since we are growing a family garden Peiang and Brendan started. This house stays buys with the feet of Peiang making soup and him laughing and joked of wrestling with my son. He like the trips with my husband to Costco and is the household snack organizer since he does it the best. I guess I don’t have much more to add than he’s a great young man.