Feedback From Mrs. Tartivita

Good afternoon;
Wendy was a joy to host. She’s so smart and studious! She keeps her room neat and clean, and is friendly and personable. This year, we went to Long Beach Island several times for vacations with family. I think Wendy found the outgoing and silly teenagers to be very different from herself, but she participated in all our activities. We also went to Washington, DC and plan to return there to explore it further next year. She did some baking with my daughters, and cooked some of her favorite snacks for us.
I think Wendy is wonderful. She and I have had many talks, and I truly enjoy her company. I’d like to see her become even more involved in American life, perhaps by playing a sport or joining a club. I think she is a bit bored at home, and she’s such a great person; she would benefit from more interaction with students her age.
I am hoping Wendy chooses to return to us, and there is a place for her in our home if she does.
I hope Wendy has a relaxing and fun summer with her friends. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.
Trish Tartivita