Private Day School

High School Private Day School Package

Elite Ivy Education’s Private Day School Program offers an experience for students to combine a high level of academic focus offered in a private school with the enriching experience of living with a native host family.
Contact Elite Ivy Education early to ensure we are able to meet the deadline for all private day school applications, since schools generally have different timeframes.

Host Family

Host family placement for our Private Day School Program is handled directly by Elite Ivy Education. Elite Ivy Education will help your child find a loving and caring host family that will help ensure success when studying abroad. We do comprehensive background checks and interviews to ensure our host family will be the right fit and is in an ideal location near your child’s school of choice.

Host Family Matching and Placement

Elite Ivy Education will match the student with a suitable screened host family for placement after the student is accepted to the chosen private school.

Host Family Screening

All Elite Ivy Education host families are screened thoroughly to ensure a proper match:
Host Family Application Form
Interview and Home Visit with Host Families
Personal reference checks.
Criminal background checks
At Elite Ivy Education, we believe finding the right host family is important for your child to help learn their way of life and culture. We will work with you to find the right match!

If you are interested in joining us as a host family, please complete this form, send back to us, and we will contact with you shortly. Thank you so much.